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May 2024 - GKR Orders New 6KW Fiber Laser!
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GKR have just placed an order for a brand New 6KW Fiber laser cutting machine to replace its ageing Co2 machines, They have served us well but it's time to move on and catch up with the latest technology.

     It has a 3000mm x 1500mm bed and is far more capable than our previous machines, it is also much faster and more efficient enabling us to be more competitive with our laser work than with the old Co2 machines. 

     We will also have the option to cut with Nitrogen, Oxygen and Compressed air.

 This will be one of the newest machines in the area and we hope to have it in place and up to speed by the end of August 2024. 

     More information can be found below, but if you have and upcoming laser requirements please get in touch to see what we can do for you. 


6KW Capabilities
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